"Italian-born but Dublin based, I feel most at ease at the crossroads, inhabiting liminal environments, in the spaces where different cultures and influences converge. Similarly my sound art practice focuses on exploring the relationship between natural and geographical spaces and their perception as experienced through the human filters of identity, memory and belonging.

It is an essential aspect of my practice not to use any generic sound samples, but rather to be personally responsible for every step in the creation of my works: from field recording the source material and composing, to editing and delivering the works to the public (be it as audio soundscapes, locative audio walks, installations or performances). Coming to sound art from a professional theatre background, structurally I am particularly interested in teasing out the relationship between the realism of field recording and the possibilities of narrative and staging. I invite the listener to become an active participant in this process, filling the blanks with its own imagination. In this context, I work with sound as a simultaneously immersive and directional medium. Acoustic ecology and soundwalking practice play an important role in what I do, and for this reason I am happy to bring my practice to community and school environments whenever possible.

Finally, my academic background in literature and drama is responsible for my recurring interest in themes of fiction, folklore and myth. I am also strongly inspired by my southern Italian heritage as well as by Ireland, my adopted home."