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Six Moorings and a Silent Thread is a sonic interpretation of the identity of the Irish Grand Canal. It represents the conclusion of a six-month journey of engagement between commissioned artist La Cosa Preziosa and a wide cross-section of community groups and schools along the Offaly Grand Canal stretch. The work carried out on location included educational soundwalks, interviews and extensive field recording sessions. Every sound in the piece was field recorded by the artist on location and captured through a wide variety of equipment including contact and binaural microphones. Formed by the natural sounds, stories and voices encountered by the artist, the work was born out of a collective experience, uniquely local in origin and nature.

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Positioning itself between soundscape and experimental documentary, this six-part piece creatively represents the perceptual experiences of the local inhabitants and their relationship with the iconic feature on their doorstep. In its exploration of reciprocal influences between the Grand Canal and its communities, the project is also embedded with a strong ethnographic spirit.

The soundscape’s full duration is 64 minutes in reference to the
64 Km of the Offaly Grand Canal stretch from Edenderry to Shannon Harbour. It is divided into six chapters of approx. 10 minutes duration each that, just like the community they originated from, present many elements of intersection. The installation opened in Dublin in summer 2012 as part of the Tall Ships Festival in the Docklands- in the geographical location where the Irish Grand Canal originates, and is currently touring.

Installation tour dates:

> 22nd November 2012, Waterways Ireland Headquarters, Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh (until 31st Jan 2013)

> August 2012,
Dublin Tall Ships Festival, Waterways Ireland Visitors' Centre, Grand Canal Quay (until Sept 2012)

> June 2012,
Aras an Chontae, Tullamore (Co. Offaly)

Below: Six Moorings and a Silent Thread at the Waterways Ireland Visitors' Centre, Dublin

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