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Original sound design

Bewley's Café Theatre in association with Bare Witness Theatre Co.24th Sept-13 Oct 2013
Written & directed by Christopher Samuel Carroll

Produced by Bridget Hanley

"In the spotlight of Dublin’s busiest street, a mesmerising stillness was created…
For twenty years Thom McGinty, aka The Diceman, entertained audiences on Grafton Street, becoming a living landmark and an icon of Dublin life. A rebel against distraction, his outrageous costumes and mischievous winks succeeded in shocking, surprising and delighting his passers-by. At Bewley’s Café Theatre, on the same street where The Diceman made his name, Christopher Samuel Carroll explores the extraordinary life of a busker, performer, protester and pioneer. Set to an original soundscape interpretation of Grafton Street by award-winning sound artist La Cosa Preziosa, this intimate portrait reveals the man behind the many masks of a true Dublin character."
- Diceman press release, Sept 2012

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iceman reviews with reference to sound design by La Cosa Preziosa:

“(…) Well chosen vox pop from shop owners, flower sellers and other buskers who lived in the Diceman’s world, lends additional credibility to an otherwise well-constructed narrative. (…) Text and performance are aided by La Cosa Preziosa (aka Susanna Caprara) deft sound engineering. (…) This is a fine tribute piece to a unique artist. If you knew The Diceman you will love it; if you didn't you couldn't get a better introduction.” - Christina Hunt Mahony, Irish Theatre Magazine

“(…) A chorus of recorded Dublin voices- tiny eulogies separated by the plinking of dropped coins- bookend Diceman. It’s a lovely touch, made all the sweeter by the knowledge that McGinty’s old stomping ground, his beloved Grafton Street, lies just outside the window. Highly recommended.” - Dan Sheehan,

“(…) Called simply ‘Diceman’, it runs for another week at Bewley’s - by rights it should be revived. (…) The sounds of Grafton Street seep into the theatre and Carroll, as McGinty, acknowledges them: he has come home, to his adopted home.”
Colin Murphy, Irish Independent

“The show attempts to explore his life as a busker, performer, protester and pioneer, and reveal the outsider behind so many masks which came to epitomise the ultimate beloved Dublin character. People should see it.”
Dermot Bolger

“Going. going- see it while you can” – Irish Times

**** - Irish Mail on Sunday