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Shoot the Tiger
Group show
Dublin, Ireland 6-15 March 2012
oife Flynn | Amy McGovern | Eilis Murphy | NO!DEA (aka Declan
Greaney) | Noel Noblett | La Cosa Preziosa | Blaithin Quinn
Curated by PrettyvacanT Dublin

PrettyvacanT Dublin repurposes vacant Dublin properties as temporary exhibition spaces. Shoot the Tiger was an exhibition that showcased artwork created since 2008 under the new constraints of an economically damaged nation. The work represented an emotional and artistic response to a post-crash Ireland and featured artists working to make their voice heard in an ever-uncertain economic reality.

The exhibition took place in one of the many newly-constructed yet vacant retail units filling our streets and towns, creating a new urban landscape. PrettyvacanT Dublin was invited by Dublin City Council Arts Office to enliven one of its empty units through a pilot scheme designating the space for cultural use.
As part of Shoot the Tiger La Cosa Preziosa proposed the soundscape ‘and now I speak’, dedicated to the inspiring figure of Padraig Pearse, Irish educator, artist and revolutionary. This is an interpretation of Pearse’s poem ‘The Rebel’, a call to consciences as much as a love letter to his countrymen. Although written with a different oppressor in mind, the work still feels relevant to the political and moral crisis of today. The Rebel is sampled and read by another Dublin icon: the late Ronnie Drew, and staged to the field recorded sounds of an ordinary, indifferent Dublin afternoon.